marc rubin baseball cap
Oil on panel
12.5 x15 inches
marc rubin bruised apples
15 x 8.25 inches
Oil on panel
marc rubin pot
10 x 15 inches
Oil on panel
marc rubin lemons
15 x 12.5 inches
Oil on panel
marc rubin snake
Cordoned passion
15 x 20 inches
Oil on panel
marc rubin baby shoes
15 x 12.5 inches
oil on panel
marc rubin crow
15 X 20 inches
oil on panel
marc rubin hawk
Oil on panel
12.5 x 15 inches
marc rubin gum balls
Oil on panel
15 x 8.5 inches
marc rubin two apples
Oil on panel
8 x 10 inches
marc rubin onion
To Fat To Fly
10 x 12 inches
oil on panel
marc rubin


t h e p a i n t e r

There is a luminosity about things. Everywhere there are
little pools of magical light...people walk right by them
all the time. If I can help someone see and appreciate
some of this intimate beauty. I feel I've succeeded.
marc rubin monkey

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Elmira, New York

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Marc Rubin is an oil painter in Elmira, New York. Marc Rubin has devoted years to his lifelong passion of painting. The reverence for classical technique is a hallmark of Rubin’s work.  His still lifes explore and extol the depth of luminosity in humble vegetables, fruit, and flowers while sometimes highlighting humorous and human characteristics, often referenced in the titles of his works. His paintings are hauntingly beautiful, exquisite psychological studies paying homage to the great painters of the past while celebrating the subject. Working directly from observation, Rubin allows an intellectual and emotional response from the viewer. Rubin’s work is in the collection of several museums and galleries around the U.S.
marc rubin mug
4.5x 8 inches
Oil on panel